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We would like to express our sincere thanks to Joseph and his team for their expert advice which turned out to be very helpful for us. By spending almost half the amount of what we were expecting, his team did a wonderful renovation job. Our kitchen looks absolutely stunning and we have received innumerable compliments from family members and friends.

Shawn Kara

“Joseph” did a good job and It’s a pleasurable experience to cook and entertain guests in my newly refurbished kitchen. Thanks to the whole GTA team the whole place looks awesome with the right combination of colors, design and great materials. My husband is simply overwhelmed and we really appreciate all your hard work.

Michael Ferzoco

I really must congratulate your team on the type of service they offer. Some years back I had hired a contractor to get my home renovated but they were not even half as professional as you are. And my sincere thanks to Joseph for completing our kitchen renovation work within the given budget; that too with the finest quality of materials.

Manpreet Singh

Joseph and his team did a fantastic job replacing our outdated and worn-out kitchen cabinets with sleek, modern cabinetry. Our kitchen looks great now, and has also become much more spacious. Everyone who worked on the project were very friendly, skilled and always on time. Thanks again to GTA Kitchen Renovations for this wonderful work.

Xie Yang

“Joseph and his crew” were very reliable and It was a big surprise that this whole project turned out to be so beautiful and just the way we wanted it. All the more so because our project was huge and time was so less! I really had no idea whom to trust and I’m glad I chose GTA kitchens! You people were simply fantastic and we are truly enjoying our kitchen space.

Erica Zuppetti

I hired Joseph and his team to help renovate our kitchen including cabinets and countertops and I must admit that they did a fabulous job. They created some innovative designs and used high-quality materials to beautify my kitchen. The staff were really nice, professional and they finished the project within the mentioned timeframe. Every single change done by them is worth the price and I like them for their friendly customer care service.

Tom Brown

What is best about GTA Kitchen Renovations is that they did everything they said they would. They took every step required for updating my kitchen. They made cooking easy for me. The only regret I have now is that I didn’t contact them earlier. Today, I have an awesome kitchen. Seriously, I am very happy with their work. I will recommend them to everyone in my acquaintance.

Alex Miller

We hired GTA Kitchen Renovations on the recommendation of our builder and it was probably the best decision we took in the whole procedure. They offered us more than what we expected. They went beyond merely providing the kitchen designs to create a beautiful kitchen. They helped make our dream kitchen by fulfilling all our requirement and adding unique features. Thanks, Joseph and your team.

Sarah and David

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